Aas reveals Real Madrid plan to contract with Mbabi

Aas reveals Real Madrid plan to contract with Mbabi

The Spanish newspaper As reported that the Real Madrid club, headed by Florentino Perez, has put forward a plan to settle the deal for Paris Saint-Germain.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the Real Madrid management wants to include the player next summer where the main goal to convince the player not to agree to renew his contract.

The move comes in order to pressure the player on his club to agree to sell it and then move the royal club to resolve the deal.

The Real did not want the Paris Saint-Germain runner as Barcelona did after trying to sign midfielder Marco Veratti in the Parisian field for two seasons.

Nasser Ghalifi, president of the Paris St Germain, recently announced Mbabi stay by 200% in reference to not to abandon the player this summer.

The 20-year-old is one of Europe's best-known footballers, with PSG grabbing since he was in Monaco, making the club's management get a deal of 135 million euros.