Egypt's recent touches .. and ideal Salah

Egypt's recent touches .. and ideal Salah

The African Cup of Nations is approaching zero, and Egypt is still finalizing a spectacular opening ceremony.

The opening match

Mohamed Fadl, director of the African Cup of Nations, announced the opening and closing dates of the Cairo Stadium in the opening match on Friday between Egypt and Zimbabwe.

Marran team

The Egyptian team continued preparations for the start of the tournament, and fought in Cairo at the Stadium of the Military College in the presence of all players in their best.

Attending the Khatib

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahli Club and Ambassador of the African Cup of Nations, met with Egypt's captain, who was held at the Stadium of the Military College in Cairo in preparation for Zimbabwe.

Benefit league

Hany Abu Reda, President of the Egyptian Football Federation, said that the Egyptian league will benefit from the African Nations Championship, where most of the matches will be played on the six stadiums.

Final touches

Cairo International Stadium continues to work on finalizing the historic stadium of the capital of Egypt hours before hosting the African Nations Cup.

Nations of Africa every 4 years

The African Football Confederation (CAF) will discuss the establishment of the African Cup of Nations once every four years, rather than once every two years.

Egypt is not good

This is how the Egyptian team described the captain of Zimbabwe before the two sides met in the opening of the African Cup of Nations, stressing that the Egyptian team has players distinct from Salah.

Perfect Salah

Javier Aguirre, the coach of Egypt, confirmed that Mohamed Salah, the star of his team, is an ideal player, praising his role with the team inside and outside the stadium.

New medical device

A new medical device was provided to the Egyptian team in order to reduce the recovery time between matches and help players avoid some injuries.

Egypt did not ask for support

Bodeen Bruchuis, director of the International Football Association (IFAP), said that the Egyptian Football Federation is currently not in contact with them to implement the video rule technique in the local league.