Trezeguet: The African Cup of Nations should not come out of Egypt

Bar Mahmoud Hassan "Trezeguet" player of the Egyptian team and his great colleagues in the achievement of the 2019 African Nations Cup held in Egypt.

Egypt will host the African Nations Cup from June 21 to July 19 on six main stadiums in different provinces.

In a statement to MBC Egypt, Trezeguet said: "Very happy to have the tournament in Egypt, to play in your country and in front of your family is a chance that any player wishes."

"The African Cup of Nations should not leave Egypt in any way. This is the responsibility of the players, the public, the media and the Egyptian system in full," said Kasim Pasha, the Turkish player.

"I know that the Egyptian public is counting on a lot in this tournament, and God willing, I will be confident. I have used such difficult challenges because I grew up in Al Ahli club," said Trezeguet.