Report .. A coming revolution on the list of Ahli by the departure of 9 players .. And fierce competition on the bench

Al-Ahli came close to the services of Mohamed Magdy, the game maker of Pyramids, to prepare the second deal of the red team after the financial Alio Diang midfielder of MC Alger.

Al-Ahly also entered into serious negotiations to include Ismaili defender Mahmoud Metwally to support the Red team.

After the resignation of its members, the club has left the door open for all options next season. The number of players has not yet been determined by the club lists, after raising the number last season for 30 players with the possibility of putting five players in the beginning of the season on the waiting list.

Since the tenure of the executive director of the federation, Tharwat Sweilem, has been working on a map of the road. He has not discussed the form of the new season's lists. He has proposed a reduction in the number of 25 players and five players born in 97 with the cancellation of the competition. The North African players have been placed as local players, offering a one-player ban from North Africa as a local.

If that decision is not adopted, Ahli will have to give up one of his five professional players: Azaro, Maalouel, Geraldo, Dianej and Ajay.

And returned to Ahli after the end of second loan Hussein of the Saudi agreement, and Ammar Hamdi of the Union of Alexandria, in addition to the believer Zakaria, who returned from the club after one failed experience with them, to join all the camp Ahli, which was held in Spain with the help of four players from the youth team and Harsin Mustafa Shubair, And Ramadan Mustafa, in addition to Arab Badr, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim.

Al Ahli coach Martin Lasarte did not specify his position on the seven loaned players of El Gouna after the end of their loan: goalkeeper Omar Radwan, Akram Tawfiq, Mahmoud Al Jazzar, Ahmed Yasser Ryan, Ahmed Hamdi, Islam Jaber and Omar Saadawi.

The African entry is closed last July, so players must be registered locally before the end of July after the end of the game Zamalek on July 28 at the end of the league.

He did not leave Ahli after any player, where the list includes:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed El Shennawi, Sherif Ekrami, Ali Lutfi

Defenders: Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Hani, Basem Ali, Rami Rabea, Yasser Ibrahim, Ahmed Alaa, Mohamed Naguib, Saad Samir, Ayman Ashraf, Ali Maaloul, Mahmoud Wahid and Hussein El Sayed.

Center: Alio Diang, Hamdi Fathi, Karim Nedved, Hussam Ashour, Amr Sulayyid, Mohammed Mahmoud, Hisham Mohammed, and Islam Mahareb.

In the center of the attack were Hussain al-Shahat, Geraldo, Mohammed Sharif, Ahmad al-Sheikh, Walid Suleiman, Ahmed Hamoudi, Saleh Juma'a, Ammar Hamdi, Nasser Maher, Ramadhan Subhi, Mu'min Zakaria and Junior Ajay.

The attack: Amr Jamal, Walid Azzaro, Salah Mohsen and Marwan Mohsen.

Sources told "Yalla Koura" that the pair Amr Gamal and Ahmed Hamoudi will enter the deal Ismail Metwali Ismaili defender, as well as the departure of Mohammed Sharif, to lend to the club Pyramids, within the deal Mohammed Magdy Afsha.

The current list includes 39 players, regardless of the position of loaned players.

Al-Ahli will have to register five players from the team born in 97, namely the trio: Karim Nedved, Mohammed Mahmoud, and Ramadhan Sobhi, in addition to the newcomer Alio Diang.

The other players will compete for one seat: Salah Mohsen, Ammar Hamdi, Nasser Maher, Arab Badr, Mohammed Abdel Moneim and Al-Sibai Al-Maar of El-Gouna, most notably Ahmad Hamdi, Akram Tawfiq and Ahmed Yasser Ryan.

Therefore, 33 players will be left over, and I have to reduce their number to 25 players, before the completion of the procedures for the inclusion of Metwally, or Afsha.

Al-Ahly will have at least nine players: Mohammed Najib, Ahmed Alaa, Basem Ali, Hisham Mohammed, Islam Mahareb, Mohammed Sharif, Ahmed Hamoudi, Ahmed Al Sheikh and Amr Jamal.

Other players will be added to the list after the Metwally and Afshah deal, with the left back, which is likely to think of the exclusion of players in the presence of Maalouel and Ayman Ashraf, where the competition between Hussein Al Sayed and Mahmoud Wahid will take place. .

Omar Radwan, born in '97, will decide on the future of Ali Lutfi inside Al Ahli club whether to stay or leave.