Report .. Mercato Inter Milan .. Conte between "patience" and resolve the crisis of the attackers

"We understand the difficulties he faces, the lack of attackers, the market is still too long and it is not time to add a new player yet, we have to be patient." A message from Inter Milan coach Bibi Marotta to Antonio Conte, Nerazzurri coach.

Conte, complained of the lack of players at the level of excellence in the offensive line of the team, and stressed the desire to include one or more players in the formation of the Italian team before the start of the season.

"It was a very positive meeting," he said. "The manager and the manager have the same thinking," he told Inter. "Soon he will have the squad he needs to work the way he wants."

The Nerazzurri have in their front line Mauro Icardi and Lottaro Martinez, alongside his contract with Eddie Salcedo coming from the Genoa ranks, the young Vaccondo Coledio of the youth under-19, and Inter won the services of Samuel Lugano and George Puskas, Puskas loaned to Palermo at the end of last season.

Conte complained that there were no strikers to give Martinez a break after taking part in the Copa America with his countryman Mauro Icardi, who had been suspended from the Italian club.

The Argentinian, whose contract runs until the summer of 2021, was in a clash with the Inter Milan administration because of the renewal of his contract and his desire to raise the salary. Things got worse and he was stripped of the armband and given to his colleague Samir Handanovic.

Eckardi is in an unstable period with his club after their differences because of the Argentinian's refusal to renew his contract until he paid his salary to 10 million euros, with the club maintaining only 7 million euros.

Inter Milan have ruled out ICARDY from the list of their side, which is preparing to participate in the International Champions Cup amid speculation that his departure near the Nerazzurri and join Juventus during the current summer transfer.

Romello Lucaco and Aiden Djeko have been linked to the Nerazzurri, but things have not yet been decided officially.

Inter made an official offer to Manchester United to sign the Belgian striker for £ 60m but was rejected as the club insisted on a £ 80m fee to approve Lukaku's departure.

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte has said he wants to join Lucco this summer, admiring the Belgian striker's chances, but if Lukaku is unable to sign, Inter will take on Bosnian striker Eddin Djecko.

According to Italian reports, Inter Milan have made their first bid, which was rejected by Roma club Eddin Djeco, at 8 million euros, and is preparing to raise it to 13 million euros while Rome will ask 20 million euros to lose the 33-year-old.